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Coaching Philosophy

"No one coach knows everything and no one coach is right for every horse and rider. We are all continually learning as the horse is the greatest coach."

I do not label styles of training, only that there is good horsemanship and bad horsemanship. I promote and encourage only good horsemanship.

My emphasis is on the foundations, the building blocks – relaxation, rhythm, suppleness and looseness, rider and horse body aware ness, position of seat and weight aids. Training with consistency, keeping aids to the horse simple, black and white.


Correct and reward, pressure and release. Using repetitive training to improve the feel of the rider, to build horse and rider confidence leading to a more established and happy team no matter what their discipline or goals are. My job is to help you and your horse on a journey together, no matter how big or small your dreams and goals are. My priorities are rider and horse safety, horse and rider welfare.

I strive to deliver lessons in an environment that is

Questions, simple or complex are welcomed and encouraged. Even if I don’t know the answer on the spot I will find out for you and get back to you.  I will never leave you to feel stupid or despondent.

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